How to Sew a Blanket without a Sewing Machine?

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There are many different ways to sew a blanket. Some of them are complicated, while others are simple.

Before you start sewing a blanket, you should understand why sewing a blanket is essential. When you sew a blanket, you can ensure it is warm enough for winter. 

Why Sewing a Blanket is Important

A blanket can protect you from cold during winter.

You should also know that sewing your blankets are cheaper than buying one. You can easily make a blanket with the help of the items you already have. It is essential that you can buy the necessary materials to make your blanket.

What You Need to Start Sewing a Blanket

First, you should buy some sewing materials. For example, you need to get a blanket, needle, thread, cotton fabric, and patterns. There are various ways that you can start sewing your blanket. 

You can make use of a sewing machine, or you can use hand-sewing methods. If you have a sewing machine, you will have an easier time sewing a blanket. But if you do not have a sewing machine, you should not worry because there are still ways to sew your blanket. You can get help from family and friends if you have problems with sewing.

How to Find the Right Pattern

First, you must decide which pattern you want to use. It would help if you chose the best way to meet your needs.

The second thing you need to do is to decide whether you want to make a rectangle or a square. There are two kinds of blankets that you can make.

A rectangle blanket is made by placing one edge of the blanket on the right side of the body, and then you will start stitching from the right side to the left side.

Then, you can start stitching the bottom of the blanket and continue until the end. Finally, you must turn the blanket inside out and sew the remaining sides.

How to Determine the Size of the Blanket

It is essential to choose the right size for your blanket.

The width of the blanket should be enough to cover your shoulders. It should be wide enough to cover your legs, knees, and feet. The length should be long enough to cover your feet and feet. The height should be about the same as your shoulders.

If you want to make a rectangular blanket, the measurements should be the length, the width, and the height. You will also need to decide what type of blanket you want to make.

How to Finish the Blanket

It would help if you always thought before you start sewing something. Make sure that you have the materials you need before you begin. Always read directions carefully. If you don’t understand them, ask someone to help you.

Read over all of the instructions carefully. Follow them. If you make a mistake, it will be hard to fix it. It is easy to get frustrated if you don’t know what to do. Practice on some scrap material first.

Before you start sewing, mark where the ends of the strips meet. The sewing machine will be able to help you with this. If you can’t do it alone, look for a class.


You can quickly learn to sew a blanket by following the steps below. If you don’t want to buy a sewing machine, you should use a simple needle and thread. You will find it easy to make a blanket if you follow these instructions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start?

Use a simple needle and thread. You will find it easy to make a blanket if you follow these instructions.

How many blankets can you make?

You can make as many blankets as you want.

How long does it take?

It takes a couple of hours to make one blanket.

What are the best materials?

The best materials are cotton and wool.

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